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A suite of products and tools to help you kick-start your sustainability journey

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A guide for professionals working in the online gaming industry which will help understand and implement CSR & Corporate Sustainability.

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CSR in Sport

A report which showcases how players from the Sports industry across the globe have implemented practices in pursuance of sustainability goals.


Corporate Sustainability in the Tourism Industry

A report which looks at corporate social responsibility and sustainability developments within the tourism industry, delves into relevant policy documents and looks at best practices from some of the world's largest tourism brands.

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This toolkit brings together all the expertise and materials developed and used by our expert when working with clients over the years. An indispensable toolkit for small businesses that wish to become more sustainable and have a more positive impact in a cost effective manner!

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Insights Webinars

Keep up to date with CSR/ESG in business from our webinars where we speak to top business leaders in Malta and abroad.


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