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Who is qualified to carry out a health and safety risk assessment?

A specific degree or certification is not legally required in the majority of nations, including the European Union, to conduct a health and safety risk assessment. Yet, the individual in charge of performing the risk assessment needs to be knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in order to do it successfully.

A risk assessment may typically be performed by anyone who is familiar with the workplace and the pertinent risks and hazards. This may involve the employer or management, health and safety experts, managers, or staff members who have taken risk assessment training.

Professionals in the field of health and safety, such as occupational health and safety consultants or specialists, may have additional knowledge and experience in risk assessment, and they can offer advice and direction to the employer or individual in charge of the assessment. In some circumstances, they might also be able to undertake a risk assessment that is more intricate or comprehensive.

The person conducting the risk assessment must be objective and free from any conflicts of interest, it is crucial to remember. To make sure that all pertinent hazards and risks are recognised and handled, they should also consult with employees and their representatives, such as health and safety committees, during the risk assessment process.

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